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EPA (pain organization) Presidents 

B. Berthold Wolff, PhD (Founding President)

Raymond W. Houde, MD *

Frank S. Caruso, PhD

W. Crawford Clarke, PhD

Ada G. Rogers, RN

Abraham Sunshine, MD *

Gerald M. Aronoff, MD

William H. Sweet, MD, DSc, DHC *

Charles E. Inturrisi, PhD

Robert E. Kaiko, PhD

Thomas G. Kantor, MD *

Edith Kepes, MD *

Russell K. Portenoy, MD

Richard Chipkin, PhD

Laura Lewis Mantell, MD

Alexander Mauskop, MD

Ronald Kaplan, MD

Nancy Z. Olson, MPS, CCRC

Michel Dubois, MD

Allen H. Lebovits, PhD

William K. Schmidt, PhD

Donald C. Manning, MD, PhD

Dania Chastain, PhD

Michael L. Weinberger, MD

Gary W. Jay, MD, FAAPM

Naum Shaparin, MD

Christopher Gharibo, MD

Neel Mehta, MD

* Deceased

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