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Eastern Pain Association Members Only Forum

Conduct Policy and Participant Agreement


Conduct Policy:

In 1964, an informal group of pain clinicians and researchers from the Greater New York Metropolitan area began meeting monthly.  In 1974, out of this group, the Eastern Pain Association (EPA) was formed.  In 1975, the EPA became one of the first chapters of the IASP (International Association for the Study of Pain).   

The EPA is a non-profit educational organization that does not share member information, does not promote a product or service, and is not affiliated with an academic institution or corporate entity. 

The EPA welcomes healthcare practitioners, other scientists and researchers interested in pain, from every gender, race, social status, religion, and sexual orientation.

The EPA Forum assumes the position that scientific debate is healthy, discussion of challenging topics is welcome.  Simultaneously, the Forum requires all participants to behave professionally with courtesy and civility, to treat all participants with respect.

Participants may post anonymously or identify themselves. 

All posts are reviewed by a moderator.  If content is found to be inappropriate, it will be removed.   Questions/comments posted more than once may be removed as duplicates.  Posts that do not relate to the original topic of the thread may be moved to a more appropriate location.

Speak truth to the best of your ability, referencing sources where appropriate, using widely accepted resources.  While speculation is encouraged as part of the scientific process, unscientific statements or ideological positions will be removed.

Sexual or degrading or violent images/videos will not be tolerated.

Medical images/videos are permitted with patient approval.  The posting may not contain any Protected Health Information, must meet HIPAA policies, and may not reveal the patient’s full face.   You are personally responsible for any such images and videos submitted to the EPA Forum.

The use of only one Forum account is preferred; however, you may use a secondary account with sensitive subject matter that you do not want posted to your primary account.  Both first and second accounts will be removed if found to be in violation of policies stated above. 

This Forum does not allow continuous connection with participant accounts.

Participant Agreement:

You agree to be bound by the conduct policy stated above.   The EPA retains the right to modify the conduct policy in the future.  In this event, Forum participants will be notified via email registered with the Forum, with changes made.  Your continued access to the Forum will be your acceptance of the modified Conduct Policy.

The EPA Members Only Forum is not for medical education, medical diagnosis or treatment, and should not be construed as professional or medical advice or instruction.

Content posted on this Forum are the sole responsibility of the user.  The EPA assumes no liability or responsibility for user-posted materials that are copyright or trademark violations or defamatory statements.  Participants shall indemnify and hold harmless the EPA, its officers and directors, the EPA Members Only Forum from all damages, losses, and expenses, including legal fees, related to such claim.  The EPA and its Members Only Forum shall be governed in accordance with the laws of New York, USA.  Notice may be delivered to Forum participants via the email registered with this Forum.

Participants use the EPA Members Only Forum at their own risk.

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